How to fix Windows 7 printer spooler errors

Almost everyone faces printer issues from time to time. In fact Windows printing infrastructure is pretty complex and sophisticated; it consists both of Microsoft components and printer drivers. All these items interact complicated ways and produce various problems.



But situation is not so bad, as it seems. Many technical professionals face printer spooler problems and produce several common steps which fix various printer bugs.

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The easiest and most common method is printer restart and drivers reinstall.

  • Turn your printer off; disconnect its cable from your computer.
  • Restart computer.
  • Open Devices and Printers dialog, on the printer right mouse button and select “See what’s printing”.Untitled-1
  • Printing queue windows appears. Right click on empty space of that window and select “Cancel All Documents”.Untitled-2
  • Now connect printer again and turn it on. Wait until Windows understands it’s ready.printer
  • Reinstall printer drivers.c8iim9gc

If it doesn’t work you can stop Windows 7 spooler subsystem and repair printer while this services disabled. Disable spooler service before first computer restart. Type “Services” in Start menu. Find “Printer Spooler”, right click it and choose “Properties”. Change start-up type to “Manual” and click “Stop”.


Once you reconnected and turned your printer on, enable spooler again. Find spooler service as described before, change startup type to “Automatic” and start service.

As you can see all processes are similar to previous Windows. But there is new printer failure introduced In Windows 7. In some cases print processor stops working and error message appears:


When it happens install your printer to other good working computer and find folder on that computer:


Copy this folder to your problematic PC, connect printer to it and install printer as described above.

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